What is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?

It’s a Clean Energy for Vehicles:

Compressed Natural Gas, well known as CNG, is natural gas compressed up to 200 Bar pressure used as an automobiles fuel mainly comprising of Methane (80% to 90%) which is in gaseous sate. CNG is compressed up to 200 bar pressure to reduce it volume for maximum accommodation in fuel tank of vehicle. CNG is very popularly termed as “Green Fuel”.

Using CNG as a fuel in automobiles has largely contributed in limiting air pollution caused due to vehicular exhaust emissions especially in metro cities. Apart from this, CNG has been able to replace high priced automobile fuels like petrol and diesel.

Why should I use CNG?

Compressed Natural Gas is:

1. Environment friendly

  • It has minimum effect on global warming.
  • It helps in reduction of air pollution.

2. Economical

  • Cheaper as compared to other automobile fuels.
  • It enhances mileage of vehicles.
  • It does not contaminate crank oil which increases life of oil.

3. Safe

  • It’s lighter than air hence in case of leakage it easily disperse in air.
  • It has high auto ignition temperature compared to other fuels.